Flower Intervention (2017)

Flower Intervention involved taking over advertising space on billboards with quiet, domestic photos of flowers. This was made possible by collaborating with Tractor Outdoor, who owns the billboards, which are situated in Cape Town’s CBD, Southern Suburbs and Atlantic Seaboard.

The billboards I was given access to are digital, and this enables the use of multiple images. With this in mind I photographed the same bunch of flowers thirteen times during the course of the day, and requested that the images be changed once an hour (a single image shot by candlelight was used for the duration of the night). In this way the changing light in the images acts as a kind of clock, and contrasts both in intimacy and subtlety with its surroundings.

Flowers are often associated with giving, and I wanted my intervention to act in a similar way: something simple, domestic and poetic to interrupt the visual and economic demands of the city.